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UPDATE AUG 2ND - Mission Pool League


Aug 3, 2020 League News 0 Comments


Hi, hope everyone is enjoying the sun.

We WILL have a league come September unless the gov’t says no. As many of you know a few of the leagues in the lower mainland have decided to postpone or cancel the upcoming season. In our case the MPL can have a league because some bars are willing. Remember to play or not is a personal choice. Please respect other players’ decisions.

I’m still in contact with the bars but need to get a better idea of how many teams spots are needed. They are all open to the possibility and a few are already confirmed. Most likely (90%) we will add Thursday to our weekly play. As of today we have 15 teams in total (Rec & BCA/CCS) wanting to play. Last minute teams will probably not get a spot. For this season we will do a 1st come/1st serve situation, this goes for locations too. FYI: the 2021- 2022 season will be back to normal what your day/location was in the 2019-2020 season is where you will be.

Our intention is to sanction however with the borders/covid this may not happen. I have emailed both sanctioning bodies asking where they stand. Once I have info from both I will post asap.

Many of you may feel it is still too early to decide but there is only 37 days till league starts. Please check with your team before commenting. Also comment if you/team is not returning. You can also pm me if you want to leave a team and looking for another. I have a couple of great players needing a BCA/CCS team if anyone is looking. Text message or facebook only please. 604-751-6663

Thank you.

*Of course things could change for better or worse in a days’ time. With that in mind I will keep updating as I know more as soon as I can.