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Results - Mission Pool League

CCS British Columbia 8/9 Ball Championships:

2016 – Scotch Doubles: Haydu/Cross (B Div-placed 9-12). 9-Ball Singles: Minh Trinh (placed 25-32). Singles: Minh Trinh (C Div-placed 17-24), Brad Haydu (C Div-placed 33-48), Roland Hawkins (C-Div-placed 33-48), Terry Deans (B Div-placed 49-64), Dwayne Hrushka (C Div-placed 49-64), Craig Payne (B Div-placed 25-32) and Rob Hoiberg (B Div-placed 17-24). Team Event: Cauldron’s Crew (B Div-placed 17-24), Made from Scratch (B Div-placed 1st), Chalk Dirty to Me (C Div-placed 13-16), and Dirty H??kerz (B-Div placed 13-16) and When I think about Cues, I touch my Felt (Women’s Team A&B-placed 8th).

CCS Vancouver Island 8/9 Ball Championships:

2017 –

Hot Shots – 5th-6th in B Div. $300, Stroke don’t Poke – 3rd in C Div. $400, Check M8 – 1st in A Div. $1100 & team entry, Chalk Dirty to Me – 13th-16th in C Div., Not Hard Enough – 1st in C Div. $520, Screwballs – 9th-12th in Ladies C Div., Island Girls- 2nd in Ladies AB Div., BC Rollers – 7th-8th in B Div.

Scotch Doubles
Aimee Wilson -13th-16th, 5th-8th in 2nd Chance., Jaime Derewenko/Ivan Kunz – 17th-24th, 3rd-4th in 2nd Chance., Brad Haydu – 17th-24th, 5th-8th in 2nd Chance., Regene McDonnell – 1st $800 & team entry., Minh Trinh – 25th-32nd, 5th-8th in 2nd Chance.

8-Ball Singles
Aimee Wilson – 25th-32nd in Ladies, 1st in 2nd Chance $100., Bob Steger – 13th-16th in C Div., Garry Unrau – 3rd in C Div. $400, Minh Trinh – 25th-32rd in C Div., Andy Klos – 7th-8th in C Div., Bob Kunz – 49th-64th in C Div., Peter Archambault – 17th-24th in C Div., Bjorn Nielsen – 49th-64th in C Div., Rick Fraser – 33rd-48th in C Div., Jaime Derewenko – 9th-12th in Ladies, 3rd-4th in 2nd Chance, Ivan Kunz – 17th-24th in C Div., Brad Haydu – 17th-24th in B Div. $150, Regene McDonnell -2nd in Ladies $600

9-Ball Singles
Peter Archambault – 25th-32nd, 3rd-4th in 2nd Chance, Rob Hoiberg – 7th-8th $100

9-Ball Teams
Chalk is Cheap – 7th-8th, 1st in 2nd Chance $150

2016 –

2015 – 3rd place Scotch Doubles A/B Div. Team – Trish Welsh and Brad Haydu, Regene McDonnell for 2nd – Singles, 5th in Ladies Team. 3rd-B Division, Dirty Hookers – Brad Haydu (13th – Singles), Roland Hawkins (9th – Singles), Minh Trinh (2nd – Singles), Rob Riopel, Gus Derewenko.  3rd-C Division, Chalk Dirty To Me – Jaime Derewenko, Dave Cameron, Trish Welsh (5th – Singles), Rick Fraser, Colin Rennie.

2014 – The HOT SHOTS: Dave Kirkwood, Dwayne Hrushka, Brad Haydu, Wayne Hansen & Roland Hawkins placed 1st in the Mens Team C Division.

Pocketful of Skulls Tournament Winners:

2016/2017 – John Wright (1st), Gus Derewenko (2nd), Bob Steger (3rd) & Glenn Weed (4th). We had 21 entries.

2015/2016 – Terry McDonnell (1st), Gus Derewenko (2nd) & Roland Hawkins (3rd). We had 13 entries.

2014/5 – Roland Hawkins (1st), Gus Derewenko (2nd) & Dwayne Hrushka (3rd)

TurkeyShoot Tournament Winners:

2016/2017 –

2015/2016 -Minh Trinh (1st), Doug Landreville (2nd), Tania Spencer (3rd).

2014/5 -Doug Landreville (1st), Mike Lovett (2nd), Travis Cahoon (3rd).

Cameron McCormick (July 25, 1977 – April 25, 2007) Memorial  Tournament:

2017 –

2016 –

2015 – We had 26 entries. Andy K (1st), Craig P(2nd), Ken (3rd), Dave C (4th), Kathy A – Top Women

Green Felt Tournament Winners:

2016/2017 – We had 25 players and lots of spectators. Congrats to Dave Cameron and Hans Nendsa for getting all 3 balls down in 2 shots and to Andrew Mac for winning a round while getting a 9+\- .

2015/2016 –

2014/5 – We had 38 players and lots of heckling! Dave Cameron, Fern Landry and Dennis Monds all won for sinking 3 balls in 2 shots – it’s harder than you think.

The Ballroom Singles Tournament:

2016/2017 – We had 48 people play in 3 Divisions. 32 players from the Tri-Cities league and 16 from MPL. A Div – Jim (MPL), Dwayne (MPL), Hans (MPL) and Pete. B Div – Brad (MPL), Jugesh (MPL), Mike and Shawn. C Div – Carrie, Jaime (MPL), Danielle and Steve (MPL). (1st to 4th)

2015/6 – We had 44 people play in 3 Divisions. 24 players from the Tri-Cities league and 20 from MPL. The winners are: A Division (Craig Payne (MPL) and Minh Trinh (MPL) tied for second or is it first?, Gary U- 3rd), B Division (Gus D (MPL)- 1st, Tyrell L- 2nd, Brad H (MPL)- 3rd), C Division (Bjorn N (MPL)- 1st, Kevin U- 2nd, Brad R (MPL)- 3rd).

2014/5 – We had a great turnout, 16 players from the Tri-Cities league and 15 from MPL. Players played in both A and B divisions. Minh Trinh came in 2nd, Hans Nendsa in 3rd, Gus Derewenko in 4th, Roland Hawkins in 5th, Andy Klos in 6th, Trish Welsh in 7th, all in A Division. Pearl Vogt went the furthest in B division with 7th place.

Sweethearts Tournament Winners:

2016/2017 – 12 couples/teams played. 1st place- Minh Trinh/Jaime Derewenko, 2nd place- Jackelyn Davison/Charlie Stevens, 3rd place- Yvonne Ranks/Greg Moorman, 4th place- Diana Dempsey/Brad Rempel.

2015/2016 – 12 couples/teams played. First place went to Brad Haydu/Regene McDonnell, 2nd place – Minh Trinh/ Nicole, 3rd place – Brad Rempel/Mimi, 4th place – James Walker/Andrea.

2014/5 – 12 couples/teams played. First place went to Trish Welsh/Wayne Hansen, 2nd place – Roland Hawkins/Sherry Fleming, 3rd place – Gus & Jaime Derewenko, 4th place – Pearl Vogt/Jay Niver.

Under 55% Tournament Winners:

2016/2017 -Brad Rempel 1st. Chester Webb 2nd, Maya Jennifer 3rd and Jay Niver in 4th.

2015/2016 – Bjorn Nielsen

2014/5 – Congrats to Rick Shelley (1st), Charlie Stevens (2nd), Heather Ireland (3rd) & Laura Hallderson (4th). We had 15 players sign up.

Another Shot Tournament Winners:

2016/2017 – Colin Pennier 1st, Peter Archambault 2nd, Rick Fraser 3rd and Brad Haydu 4th.

2015/2016 – Doug Landreville

2014/5 – Congrats to Roland Hawkins who came in first at the Another Shot Tournament last Sunday. Also to James Walker (2nd), Ken Lowe (3rd) & Greg Moorman (4th).

Rocky Mountain C Division Tournament Winners:

2016/2017 –

2014/5 – Mission Impossible: Gus Derewenko, Jugesh Chauhan, Andy Klos, Brad Haydu (C) & Ivan Kunz.

Top 16 Ladies Winners:

2016/2017 -Tania Spencer

2015/2016 – Regene McDonnell

2014/5 – Trish Welsh

Top 16 Mens Winners:

2016/2017 – Jim Masterman

2015/2016 – John Wright

2014/5 – Wayne Hansen