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CCS Tournaments - Mission Pool League

As of August 2017, Mission Pool League is now joined with other leagues under the name “Pool Players League” this gives our players the opportunity to select team members from the below leagues as well as our own.

Pool Players League
Edmonton Pool Players
Fort McMurray Pool League
Tri-Cities Pool League
Comox Valley Pool League
VIPL Mid Island
Breakers Pool League
Powell River 8-Ball League
Vancouver Island Pool League – A&L

About CCS

The first dream goes back to 1994, when after two years of planning the Canadian Championship Program became a reality in 1996, with the first ever Canadian National 8 Ball Championships. A success from the start, the Program later expanded to include an Atlantic and a Western Championship.In January of 2003, at the urging of the Billiard Congress of America (BCA), a Committee of League Operators was formed for the purpose of creating a nonprofit Canadian Association to take over future direction and growth.The second dream became a reality in June of 2004, when the resulting Canadian Cue Sport Association (CCS) expanded its scope to include the sanctioning of Leagues. This means we now have both a League System and a related championship Program that is directly managed by Canadians, for the sole benefit of Canadians. The money and the control now stay with the Canadian Membership.Since then, the Canadian Championship Program has expanded even further to include an annual British Columbia and an Ontario Championship. The CCS also partnered with the American CueSports Alliance (ACS) so that CCS Members also get to compete in annual US National Championships held in Las Vegas.The Governing Body for all Billiards here, the Canadian Billiards & Snooker Association (CBSA), now exclusively recognizes the CCS as the official sanctioning organization for Amateur Pool League Play and Related Championships in Canada.We are very excited about what these developments mean for Canadian Pool Players and for the future promotion and growth of the sport here. A tradition was started way back in 1996 of well organized, fun competition for all skill levels, for all of Canada. With the support of fellow Canadian Pool Players and League Operators, we see this continuing for years to come.