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Jul 30, 2019 League News 0 Comments
FYI- This is a summary of how as League Operator, I determined the starter fargo ratings.
?To determine the starter rating a list of unranked players was given to a number of players of varying skills, but all with a working knowledge of how a fargo rate is applied. Many unranked were given a fairly consistent rate by all of them. Some had more variation probably due to somewhat less familiarity and/or a rise/fall in last year’s stat. Or a low week count which would result in not playing a normal mix of high/low teams. I did not rely on any one player’s opinion for a starter rate. (For those of you new to fargo your starter rating will fluctuate as stats are turn in. Once you reach 200 games it will be considered an established fargo rating. Another stat you will see is a robustness which is games played.)
?Established fargos were not adjusted. Previous starter ratings were also not adjusted as similar criteria should have been applied to them and many will acquire robustness in the near future or may have already due to games played since the process began for MPL.
?Here is the link to find out what your starter is. https://fairmatch.fargorate.com/ Everyone should be listed by the first week in August. If your name is misspelled, pls let me know.
?Thank you to those of you who took the time and energy to assign ratings to all the unranked players (100+) in MPL.
?As of tonight we have 20 teams registered for BCA/CCS and 13 teams registered for REC league. We still have 2 locations available.