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Pool & Billiard Magazine – cue sports magazine full of instruction for players, with free access to pool instruction and more.

Billiards Digest Magazine The online complement of Billiards Digest magazine. Features coverage of professional men’s and women’s tournament action.

Inside Pool Magazine – The only location for pool and billiards news, trick shots, lessons, video, and images.

Inside Pool YouTube Channel – Billiard instruction, sick pool trick shots, pool lessons, full length matches and more. Weekly uploads.

Billiard Magazine – Get pointers on the physics of pool, learn how to shoot trick shots, find pool rules and how to shoot top or bottom English.

Available at Fraser Valley Regional Library:

Billiards The Official Rules and Records Book (Book – 2005 ) 794.72 BIL

Pool & Billiards for Dummies By Leider, Nicholas (Book – 2010 ) 794.73 LEI

The Basics of Billiards (DVD – 2007 ) DVD 794.72 BAS

The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards By Alciatore, David G. (Book – 2004 ) 794.733 ALC

Pocket Billiards Fundamentals of Technique & Play By Pejcic, Bogdan (Book – 1993 ) 794.73 PEJ

Picture Yourself Shooting Pool [Step-by-step Instruction for Successful Pocket Billiards] By Sherman, Matthew (DVD – 2009 ) 794.733

Pool Techniques and Tricks By Morin, Pierre (Book – 2011 ) 794.72

Running the Table The Legend of Kid Delicious, the Last Great American Pool Hustler By Wertheim, L. Jon (Book – 2007 ) 794.72092

The Hustler (DVD – 2007 ) DVD FIC

The Hustler Original (DVD – 2002 ) DVD FIC