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Nov 24, 2020 League News 0 Comments
The Captains Cabin and Sneakers are open for league. The Highwayman has decided to wait a few more weeks to open.
The plan is to take the teams that are comfortable playing and schedule matches for those teams only. If your team wants to sit out awhile longer, no worries. I will redo the schedule till Holiday break. It’s just some shuffling but by the end of the season every team will play the same amount. Highwayman teams will be based out of the Cabin or Sneakers until they reopen. This is a crazy year but we are trying.
What players need to do to play pool.
All players must stay seated unless shooting or using the washroom.
You MUST wear a mask while entering, anytime you are standing, and while shooting.
Tables and chairs are not to be moved.
During your game if it is not your turn at the table you must remain seated.
You do not need to wear a mask while at your table eating and drinking.
Hand sanitizing was included in the previous protocols but strictly enforced. Now you MUST hand sanitized before you start each game.
Please be prepared so you don’t keep others waiting.
The home team will assign a teammate to sanitizing the table/balls for the evening and also a teammate to rack all 16 games. The opposing team will not rack or sanitize the table/balls.
Please be aware Health Officials are making regular visits to the bars to ensure compliance of the protocols that have been put in place specifically for pool. One person can END LEAGUE by not following the rules whether they agree or not.
If you are asked by the bar to leave please consider that it will also be the end of your MPL season.
Team Captains please speak with your teammates and send me your team decision by Wednesday, Nov. 25 5pm via text only! 604-751-6663. The sooner the better because I need to make a schedule and if we can start this week, all the better.
Questions to be answered:
Will your team want to continue playing under these rules?
Is your team open to playing on a Saturday afternoon?
Is your team open to playing on a Sunday afternoon?
Sample Answer Format.
Team Name
1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Yes