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Sep 25, 2020 League News 0 Comments

**For BCA/CCS Teams with only 3 players playing.
1. Add up your 3 players and divide by 3 = your 4th/missing players’ Fargo
2. Now you have 4 players Fargo’s and can continue as per usual in deterring a team handicap for the night.
3. Leave the player name spot empty but fill in the Fargo. When they are “up” put in a zero. For the opposing player write in “WF” as in win by forfeit.
4. Teams are still required to pay the $40 weekly fee

**Please take note about the schedule in the fargo app. It is for stats purposes only. Our schedule is too complex for the software. Please use the paper copy which is posted in files

**To find your Fargo and membership number. https://fairmatch.fargorate.com/

**Also download the FargoRate App to your phone for up-to-date rankings/stats.

**BCACCS 2020-2021 Schedule for printing

**Handicap Chart BCA 2020-2021

**Sample Score Sheet

Weekly Fees: $10 per player               Yearly Team Fees: $80 per team
Sanction Fees: $55 Total for BCA & CCS
Each team captain collects fees for their team whether you field a full team or not. All fees are due by Friday 6pm, the same week of play.






Concerning BCA sanctioning fees and weeks needed.
To clarify: BCA Membership fees are on a calendar year (Jan to Dec). Sanctioning weeks needed is also usually based on a calendar year.
Membership and sanctioning are 2 separate things.
Vegas/Worlds sanctioning weeks needed is based on the calendar year (from Jan 2020 to Dec 2020) A player must have 4 weeks in a single session. For MPL this means-
Jan 2020 to March 2020 = a single session
Sept 2020 to Dec 2020 = a single session.
To qualify for Vegas 2021 in March you must have played 4 weeks in a single session.

For other BCA and CCS tournaments; sanction weeks needed are based per tournament not necessarily the calendar year. The requirements for these other tournaments will be provided when they are announced and will vary based on their dates.