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May 25, 2020 League News 0 Comments

REC & BCA/CCS LEAGUES – Looks like our host sites will be opening up soon however we will not be able to finish playoffs in a timely manner since there’s are still so many matches left and only 1 venue so far with a table available. It would take most of the summer and all the teams would need to be willing/comfortable playing. Keep your equipment bag til further notice. We are still hopeful about the banquet.

BCA/CCS LEAGUE – Since the playoffs were not finished and the payouts are based on finishing the playoffs. I’ve had to revise the prize pool amounts slightly. Please click on the link for changes and final totals. BCACCS PAYOUTS 20192020 Final

Teams that were still in the running for 1st/2nd are splitting the total prize amount of $700. 4 teams x $175 each. Teams that were still in the running for 3rd/4th are splitting the total prize amount of $300. 8 teams x $37.50 each.

I will e-transfer each team captain the total amount of winnings (including individual prizes). The captain can distribute to their team accordingly. If any players do not receive their portion within a week, pls send me a message ASAP.

Team Captains please send me a TEXT message to 604-751-6663. Please include your e-transfer info, team name and your name by Friday, May 29.