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League provides: The League will be providing Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer. Each team will have face masks for those wanting to wear one or if it becomes necessary.

What each team is responsible for: Cleaning will the HOME team’s responsibility for Rounds 1 & 3. The AWAY team is responsible for Rounds 2 & 4. Players are asked to bring their own cues and chalk. Teams are also encouraged to bring their own set of balls (must be 2 1/4).  Players have been asked to refrain from leaving their chalk on table. No hand shaking, hugs or fist bumps are allowed.

Before each round begins: The balls, top of table, rest, coin mechanism and rack are to be cleaned using the Lysol wipes provided.

After each game: Players are asked to wash/sanitize their hands before and after each game. The table top, cue, coin mechanism and rest if used will be wiped down again with the provided Lysol wipes. No spray cleaner is allowed.

During the match: We are asking players to visit from the respective seats also avoid visiting from table to table or sitting with the other team. At the moment the maximum allowed per table is 6.

Commitment to the rules: MPL has made it clear to every player that the terms of playing are not negotiable and if found not following the rules set out by MPL, the host site and the province they are immediately removed from the league.

*To play pool this is what we must do. Precautions are subject to change.