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Updated Schedules


Oct 19, 2020 League News 0 Comments

BCACCS Schedule updated 101820  I have removed 1 week and placed those matches elsewhere. Listed is the matches that have been moved. Dbl-check in case I missed one.

34-36 wk14,  33-37 wk22, 35-38 wk23, 23-32 wk26, 27-24 wk16, 21-30 wk12

Rec Schedule updated 101820 I have removed 2 weeks and placed those matches elsewhere. Listed is the matches that have been moved. Dbl-check in case I missed one.

5-2 wk13,  8-13 wk25, 1-7 wk18, 2-6 wk20,  9-13 wk14, 8-11 wk10, 12-3 wk18,  5-9 wk20



Sep 25, 2020 League News 0 Comments
ATTENTION! Please read the Player Guide. It contains all of the information you need.
COVID-19 safety rules & regulations.
Although it is impossible to predict exactly what COVID-19 restrictions may be in place at the time of the event, players should be prepared to adhere to all safety rules & regulations put into place by CueSports International, Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, Nevada state government or local ordinances. Face coverings, social distancing and temperature checks are just a few examples of possible safety precautions that could be in effect. Players accept this when they register and refusal to follow safety rules and regulations is not sufficient justification for a refund.

Schedule of Events

New for 2021

Eight (8) week requirement reduced to four (4).
​​Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the difficulty it has placed on leagues, the traditional requirement to play at least eight (8) full scheduled weeks in a single division session during the 2020 calendar year has been reduced to four (4) weeks.
Original player requirement eliminated.
In the past, most 8-ball team divisions have required at least two (2) players from the same league team be on the team and play each round. That “orginal player” requirement is being eliminated for 2021. Teammates for the Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze divisions only need to be from the same league.
Scotch doubles can be male/male, male/female or female/female.
​​Although this was introduced in 2020, it’s important to highlight it once again. Scotch doubles teams may consist of male/male, male/female or female/female.
CSI Team division added.
​​For those who don’t have the opportunity to join a BCA Pool League, especially those from other leagues such as VNEA, ACS, TAP, APA, etc., we have added the CSI Teams division. Although this division requires all teammates to be CSI members ($30/year), has a higher entry fee than the BCA Pool League divisions, and has no added money, it does at least provide everyone a chance to experience team play at the BCA Pool League World Championships. To compete in the larger BCA Pool League divisions with more prize money and smaller entry fees, players should encourage their League Operators to join the BCA Pool League.
Pro events return.
​Predator and CueSports International (CSI) are excited to announce the return of the $100k added Predator World 10-Ball Championship and the $25k added Diamond Las Vegas Open during the BCA Pool League World Championships. These events have become two of the most anticipated pro events in the world and you will get to enjoy them again in person for free in the CSI Arena.

Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

3700 W. Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas, NV

Book by Friday, Feb 12 to receive the discounted rate. After Feb 12, the rate is based on availability.
Phone Reservations: 888-746-6955; Group Code: srcsi1

Important Dates

JAN 4: Last day for early entry discount
JAN 18: Last day for mailed entries
JAN 18: Last day for personal checks
FEB 1: Registration ends (most divisions)
FEB 10: Last day for refund requests
FEB 12: Hotel discount ends/TBA names due
FEB 17: Last day for change requests



Sep 25, 2020 League News 0 Comments
League provides
The League will be providing Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer. Each team will have face masks for those wanting to wear one or if it becomes necessary.
What each team is responsible for
Cleaning will the HOME team’s responsibility for Rounds 1 & 3. The AWAY team is responsible for Rounds 2 & 4. Players are asked to bring their own cues and chalk. Teams are also encouraged to bring their own set of balls. Players have been asked to refrain from leaving their chalk on table. No hand shaking, hugs or fist bumps are allowed.
Before each round begins
The balls, top of table, rest, coin mechanism and rack are to be cleaned using the Lysol wipes provided.
After each game
Players are asked to wash/sanitize their hands before and after each game. The table top, cue, coin mechanism and rest if used will be wiped down again with the provided Lysol wipes. No spray cleaner is allowed.
During the match
We are asking players to visit from the respective seats also avoid visiting from table to table, or sitting with the other team. At the moment the maximum allowed per table is 6.
Commitment to the rules
MPL has made it clear to every player that the terms of playing are not negotiable and if found not following the rules set out by MPL, the host site and the province they are immediately removed from the league.
*To play pool this is what we must do. Precautions are subject to change.



Sep 25, 2020 League News 0 Comments

To clarify after each round of 4 games, the cue and 1-15 balls get cleaned. The triangle and coin mechanism too.

Remember to leave the playing area while your opponent is shooting.

Both home and away teams need to bring their bags to league night. You need your Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer!

No fist bumping, or handshaking. You might be comfortable but they might not be.

Each team needs a scoresheet to fill out each week. The home team submits but the away team keeps a copy for their records. The point is to not share a scoresheet. Each team has their own.

Any teams still looking for a player?

If you give up ball in hand pls don’t touch it. Just let your opponent grab it.


Info for BCA/CCS Teams


Sep 25, 2020 League News 0 Comments

**For BCA/CCS Teams with only 3 players playing.
1. Add up your 3 players and divide by 3 = your 4th/missing players’ Fargo
2. Now you have 4 players Fargo’s and can continue as per usual in deterring a team handicap for the night.
3. Leave the player name spot empty but fill in the Fargo. When they are “up” put in a zero. For the opposing player write in “WF” as in win by forfeit.
4. Teams are still required to pay the $40 weekly fee

**Please take note about the schedule in the fargo app. It is for stats purposes only. Our schedule is too complex for the software. Please use the paper copy which is posted in files

**To find your Fargo and membership number. https://fairmatch.fargorate.com/

**Also download the FargoRate App to your phone for up-to-date rankings/stats.

**BCACCS 2020-2021 Schedule for printing

**Handicap Chart BCA 2020-2021

**Sample Score Sheet

Weekly Fees: $10 per player               Yearly Team Fees: $80 per team
Sanction Fees: $55 Total for BCA & CCS
Each team captain collects fees for their team whether you field a full team or not. All fees are due by Friday 6pm, the same week of play.






Concerning BCA sanctioning fees and weeks needed.
To clarify: BCA Membership fees are on a calendar year (Jan to Dec). Sanctioning weeks needed is also usually based on a calendar year.
Membership and sanctioning are 2 separate things.
Vegas/Worlds sanctioning weeks needed is based on the calendar year (from Jan 2020 to Dec 2020) A player must have 4 weeks in a single session. For MPL this means-
Jan 2020 to March 2020 = a single session
Sept 2020 to Dec 2020 = a single session.
To qualify for Vegas 2021 in March you must have played 4 weeks in a single session.

For other BCA and CCS tournaments; sanction weeks needed are based per tournament not necessarily the calendar year. The requirements for these other tournaments will be provided when they are announced and will vary based on their dates.

The Snow and Pool


Jan 13, 2020 League News 0 Comments

❄️Concerning the weather and cancelling pool.❄️

Our policy has been if the schools are closed so are we. Matches are be to rescheduled by both teams before end of season and played at the originally scheduled site. ?

If league is cancelled you do not have to play but I strongly suggest you call the captain of the opposing team to start the process of rescheduling.

If League is cancelled or not it is still the teams decision to play or not. If your team is uncomfortable travelling then please reschedule your match. If both teams are 100% in agreement you will not be prevented from playing your match. You must call the bar to confirm as they schedule staffing around our games and they will be informed that pool is cancelled. ?

I will post the decision at 9am on the FB page and on the website home page ( you will NOT get an email notification).
Once again please get in touch with the opposing captain ASAP.

Starter Fargo Ratings


Jul 30, 2019 League News 0 Comments
FYI- This is a summary of how as League Operator, I determined the starter fargo ratings.
?To determine the starter rating a list of unranked players was given to a number of players of varying skills, but all with a working knowledge of how a fargo rate is applied. Many unranked were given a fairly consistent rate by all of them. Some had more variation probably due to somewhat less familiarity and/or a rise/fall in last year’s stat. Or a low week count which would result in not playing a normal mix of high/low teams. I did not rely on any one player’s opinion for a starter rate. (For those of you new to fargo your starter rating will fluctuate as stats are turn in. Once you reach 200 games it will be considered an established fargo rating. Another stat you will see is a robustness which is games played.)
?Established fargos were not adjusted. Previous starter ratings were also not adjusted as similar criteria should have been applied to them and many will acquire robustness in the near future or may have already due to games played since the process began for MPL.
?Here is the link to find out what your starter is. https://fairmatch.fargorate.com/ Everyone should be listed by the first week in August. If your name is misspelled, pls let me know.
?Thank you to those of you who took the time and energy to assign ratings to all the unranked players (100+) in MPL.
?As of tonight we have 20 teams registered for BCA/CCS and 13 teams registered for REC league. We still have 2 locations available.