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Register your Team for September


Jul 29, 2021 League News 0 Comments

READ THE FORM AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. Stupid questions will be ignored. A stupid question is one that can be answered if you read the Registration form. Double check you are filling out the correct form as I will not. One says BCA/CCS(competitive) the other REC (for fun). Looking forward to September!🎱

FYI: If you are a player looking for a team, please message me with your contact info and which league you would like to play in.

BCA CCS Reg form 20212022

REC Reg form 20212022

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


Jul 17, 2021 League News 0 Comments

Congrats to all the winners. Pls fb msg me or text msg @ 604-751-6663 with your GC choice and your mailing address.

Your choices are a $25 to one of the following: Captains Cabin, The Highwayman, Dewdney Pub, Mission Springs, Sneakers, Walmart, FreshCo, Superstore, Save On Foods, Shell, Petro Canada, Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Netflix, App Store/iTunes.

Winners have till July 23rd 5pm to send me their info otherwise you will get a GC to one of our host bars. If not collected by September 30th, your prize will be re-drawn from the list of players who did not win.

Ron McFarlane

Dennis Monds

Brad Haydu

Harry-Linda Miko

Al Dyck Murray Dyck msg Al for me pls

Wayne Sawkins

Jora Sandhu

Steve Place Jacob Ray msg Steve for me pls

Jason Copeman

Grant Golaiy

Ken Lowe

Danielle Danielle Landry Howell

Andy Klos

Dave Schneider

Aimée Wilson

Roland Hawkins Cardus can you msg Roland for me pls

Adam Hotz

Tammy Piccolo

Jaime Derewenko

Renita Sawkins

Ian Burns

Aleah Dodds

Chris Robinson

Peter Webb

Andrew Mac

Terry McDonnell Aimée Wilson

Des Desmond Shaw

Bob Kavelman

Deb Bussey

Dave Mullen

Jason Binder

Rob Tomm

Bob Steger

Catharine Masterman

Bjørn Andrew Nielsen

Jonny Berlinquette

Paul Dickey

Bill Stinson

Wayne Hudak

Jessie Summers

Sherry McIntyre

Garry Unrau

Russ Barstow

Julian Thompson

Lori Mino

Andrew Teunissen

Jake Klassen

Jeff Ortner

Robert Fidenato

Colin Strachan



Jun 10, 2021 League News 0 Comments
We are gathering a list of players to confirm weeks and organize matches if needed. 🎱
By June 16th those players that need weeks will have an opportunity to play either at the pub or at an alternate location. 🍺
The goal is to have all players wanting to go qualified before the early-bird deadline. 🐣
*pls message me even if you think you have enough weeks and don’t need to worry about it. 😉