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First week of play ~ Starts Tues., Sept. 17 & Wed., Sept. 18, 2019

BCA/CCS League rules are CSI rules.

To find your Fargo and membership number. https://fairmatch.fargorate.com/

Also download the FargoRate App to your phone for up-to-date rankings/stats.

BCA CCS Schedule 2019-2020

Spares List:

BCA/CCS Spares List
The list so far:
Jenn Hudak – 778-201-2915 (FR – 325ish)
Xypres Hernandez – 604-217-6823 (FR – 310ish)
Tammy Piccolo – 604-722-3059 (FR – 450ish)
Aleah Dodds – 604-615-5146 (FR – 320ish)
Doug Karr (Wednesdays Only) – 604-866-1395 (FR – 470ish)
Peter Archambault – 604-992-8730 (FR – 525ish)
Nolan Gallagher – 604-300-7870 (FR – 340ish)
Rick Fraser – 604-341-6576 (FR – 500ish)
Dave Schneider – 604-832-6754 (FR – 490ish)
Mitch Reimer – 604-850-3439 (FR – 390ish)
Lindsey Wilson (Wednesdays Only) – 778-848-2688 (FR – 590ish)
Rob Riopel – 604-302-3201 (FR – 525ish)
Chelsea Derewenko – 604-832-8421 (FR – 325ish)
Rob Smith – 604-217-0428 (FR – 425ish)
Renita Sawkins – 778-344-5003 (FR – 325ish)
Ian Burns – (Wednesdays Only) – 604-294-1678 (FR – 495ish)
Deb Bussey – (Wednesdays Only) – 604-997-5724 (FR – 305 ish)
Doug Robinson – 604-798-6708 (FR – 500ish)
Sherry McIntyre – 604-701-2533 (FR – 340ish)

Scoresheet for Printing *Reminder* You must use current (day of match) fargo rates.

Handicap chart

Sample ScoreSheet

Weekly Fees: $10 per player               Yearly Team Fees: $80 per team
Sanction Fees: $20BCA, $20CCS per player
Each team captain collects fees for their team whether you field a full team or not. All fees are due by Friday 6pm, the same week of play.

There are three different ways to deposit fees.

  1. Deposits including scoresheets can be dropped off in the Drop Box at the Captain’s Cabin or Sisto’s Pub during business hours.
  2. Deposits can be made at any branch of TD Canada Trust.

Transit # 5800 account # 5001877, a copy of the deposit slip and scoresheet must be emailed or text messaged to LO.

  1. An e-transfer can be made to TD Canada Trust.

Recipient’s Name: Mission Pool League

Recipient’s Email Address: info@missionpoolleague.ca

Security Question: What is our abbreviation? Answer: MPL2014 (this will not change yearly)

In the notes please indicate your team name, the opposing team. The scoresheet must be emailed or text messaged to LO.

Captains must have a receipt of their deposit and are responsible for emailing or texting a copy of it to the LO by the deadline.