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How to Join - Mission Pool League

BCA CCS Reg form 20202021 or REC Registration Form 2020-21

When placing single players we use the below are a few questions used to get to know you and help find the best team and/or location for you.
*      Would you say you are competitive or just out for fun, or a little of both?
*      Are thinking of joining a team or starting your own?
*      If starting your own team, where would you want to play out of?
*      If joining a team, do you have a team or location in mind?
*      Do you like to drink while playing?
*      Do you like playing on a team with women?
*      Would you rather play on an all men’s team?
*      Do you play safety’s/ just a shot?
*      Are you opposed to players on your team smoking pot?
*      Do you care if your team members are smokers? Are you?
*      Would rather be on a team with 30 yr olds or 50/60 year olds?
*      Do you want to play almost every week or just as a spare?
*      Do you want to play mostly Tuesdays or Wednesdays or does it matter?

Feel free to ask us anything.