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Jul 13, 2020 League News 0 Comments

Update: hi everyone. I’ve been in contact with the bars. We will have a league come September barring any setbacks. They are all open to the possibility and a few are already confirmed. FYI: please don’t start rumors about bars not having league, it is not helpful and most of the time false. Format and scheduling for September are not determined until we have a clear idea of how many locations/tables are available. One thing is for sure players will need their own cue.

Obviously it is still early and many of you are still uncertain however I would like to get an idea of how many teams/players are wanting to come back in September. Please check with your team before commenting. Also comment if you/team is not returning.  You can also pm me if you want to leave a team and looking for another. The more info I have the better prepared we can be. Thank you. If you are not on facebook please TEXT msg me.

EDIT: 🎱we will run a CCS/BCA league and a REC. We will have co-vid precautions in place.