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New Scoring App Info

By Jaime Derewenko

Sep 15, 2021 League News0 Comments

BCA Pool League Scoring App

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 The BCA Pool League Scoring App has been released and is available for free to all BCA Pool Leagues that use the FargoRate League Management System (LMS), the only league management system in the world with FargoRate built in. There is no need for complicated score sheets, paper, pencils or a math degree. Players can simply log in to the BCA Pool League Scoring App, score the match and submit.

​Below is an overview of how to score a match with the app.

📲 The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store by searching “BCAPL Scoring App.”

🛑 IMPORTANT: The wide range of formats and scoring systems used by the hundreds of BCA Pool Leagues around the world make testing every aspect of every format nearly impossible. Therefore, it is highly recommended that everyone keep a paper score sheet as backup for at least the first session of using the BCA Pool League Scoring App.

Logging In


After downloading the BCA Pool League Scoring App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, it will open to the Login screen.



There are two ways to login the first time.



You should first download the FargoRate App. It has lots of great features and the premium features are free to BCA Pool League members ($12.99/year for non-members). Download the FargoRate App, search for your name and claim your record (click here for detailed instructions). You will be prompted to enter your email address and choose a password. Once you have completed this process, you can login to the BCA Pool League Scoring app using the same email and password.



You may also create your account directly through the BCA Pool League Scoring App. Click “Register for an account” and provide some basic information, including your BCA Pool League membership number. The email address and password you choose here will then be the login credentials for the FargoRate App as well. This is not the recommended option but it will work.


A note about membership numbers…

Some people have older profiles in FargoRate with a shortened 7-digit membership number stored internally. A few years ago, membership numbers were modified to a new 13-digit format to accommodate the rapid growth of FargoRate and CSI’s leagues. To log in to the FargoRate apps, you must use whichever number is stored internally. Although the membership card may show a 13-digit number, FargoRate may actually have the shortened 7-digit version stored internally. If so, that is what must be used to login to the BCA Pool League Scoring App.


What does this mean?

The 13-digit number will work for most people. If it doesn’t, omit the first 5 digits and the last digit and try again. For example, if the 13-digit number 9900003078972 does not work, try the shortened 7-digit version of 0307897.


We understand this may be a little confusing. This is why we recommend creating your account through the FargoRate App first. Also, you only need to login once. After the first login, the app should open without the need to login.


The Match List

Once you login, the initial screen will show the list of upcoming matches in your league. If this screen is blank for you, either your league does not use LMS or you are not yet on any of the league’s team rosters in LMS.


​Click the match that you’d like to score. You can score your own team’s match or you can score a match for two different teams in the league.


Note, if your league session began before March 7, 2021 and/or you are using the old horizontal LMS score sheet layout, those matches will not appear in the Match List.


Scoring a Game




Start by selecting the players that will play the first game.


​To begin scoring the game, click the green number pad icon in the center of the player names.

The “Score Game” screen appears. Whichever score box is highlighted (thicker border) is the score that you are editing. In this example, the score for Gus Derewenko on team Shark Bait is in the edit mode. If you want to edit the other player’s score, click that team’s score box.


There are several options for scoring and each game can be won in a number of “special” ways. If the player for team Shark Bait won the game, you can simply click the WIN button. If he or she won in a special way, such as a break-and-run, click the BR button. The buttons are as follows:


WIN – awards the appropriate number of points based on the league’s scoring method setting in LMS. In this example, the winning score is 10 points because the league uses a 10-point scoring system.


​BR – awards the appropriate number of points based on the league’s scoring method and also records it as a break-and-run for league tracking purposes.


TR – awards the appropriate number of points based on the league’s scoring method and also records it as a table-run for league tracking purposes. A table-run is when the non-breaking player wins the game at his or her first turn at the table.


(-) – reduces the score by one (1) for each click.


(+) – increases the score by one (1) for each click.


RESET – resets the game scores for both players.


DONE – completes the scoring for the game and closes the “Score Game” screen.


NOTE: Due to the wide range of formats played by BCA Pool Leagues, the scoring app is built for maximum flexibility. Therefore, no error checking is included for game scores. For example, if your league uses a 10-point system, the app will allow you to enter a score other than 10 for a win. This is intentional.


Once we are confident that the score is correct, we click the DONE button.


We now scroll down to score the second game of Round 1.


We repeated the game scoring steps to enter the score of the third game of Round 1.

Round 1 is now complete. The Round 1 actual score, handicap points and total score are displayed at the bottom of the screen. The running total of the match score will be displayed near the top of every screen.
To begin scoring Round 2, scroll to the top and click the arrow to the right of Round 1. This will take you to the Round 2 screen.

The player rotation will already be set for Round 2 based on the specific score sheet configuration of your league in LMS. Therefore, there is no need to select the players unless there is a substitute situation or different players than were in Round 1.

Adding a Player

If at any point in the match you need to add a player to your team, click the (+) button next to the team name and the “Add Player” screen will appear. Search for the player and if you are confident that you found the right person, click the name to add him or her to the team roster.

If you fail to find the person in the search, either you have searched using the wrong spelling or the person is not in the FargoRate or BCA Pool League database. In this situation, the League Operator must add the player to your team through LMS first.

Win by Forfeit

If you fail to find the person in the search, either you have searched using the wrong spelling or the person is not in the FargoRate or BCA Pool League database. In this situation, the League Operator must add the player to your team through LMS first.

Match Handoff

It’s common for more than one person to keep score. For example, you may be scoring the first game or round on your phone but you may have to play in the second game or round. You can “handoff” score keeping duties to someone else in the league with the Handoff feature.

​To handoff score keeping, click the arrow icon in the upper right corner of the screen. This generates a handoff code. When your teammate selects the match using his or her mobile device, it will ask for this code. He or she can then pick up where you left off.

Submit Match

Once all games and rounds are scored, the overall score should be reviewed by both teams. To submit the score sheet, click the SUBMIT MATCH button. Both teams are encouraged to score the match and compare score sheets at the conclusion of the match for accuracy. Both teams may submit the scores.

The League Operator will see the match results in LMS and your leagues data will be automatically reported to FargoRate. If any part of a score sheet is incorrect, the League Operator can correct it in LMS.


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